Buttons of Bravery



We hope you'll join us in raising funds for an organization close to our hearts called Child Advocacy Services (CAS).

Half of the proceeds from the sales of our Buttons For Bravery Necklaces will be donated to CAS.

And in April 2022 10% of the sales from our Blues for Child Abuse Prevention collection will also be donated to CAS.

CAS serves children and families hurting from abuse and neglect through two programs. First is the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and the second is the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC).

CASA is a local chapter of a national organization that trains adult volunteers to advocate for children's best interest in foster care. CASA volunteers act as the eyes and ears of kids and teens who find themselves in an intimidating bureaucratic system at a very vulnerable point in their lives.

Through the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) program, children are offered an opportunity to share their story of what abuse they observed or experienced in a neutral environment. When a child arrives at the CAC for the first time, they're handed a jar of buttons and asked to choose one. They keep this button as a reminder of the bravery they showed in sharing their story of abuse and neglect.

Every child is also given a second button to add to the jar, so their courage inspires other kids who come in after them. The buttons are meant to 'thread hope' for the children and throughout the communities in which they live.

CAC Forensic interviewer Jessica interviews a young client and helps him choose his Button of Bravery from the jar.

In 2021, our founder, Susan Davis, met with Stephanie Breeden of Child Advocacy services to learn about their Buttons for Bravery tradition. She was extremely moved and immediately started thinking about creating special necklaces and charms to represent this incredible organization. 

She and her team got to work creating these special pieces featuring vintage mother-of-pearl buttons from our collection on a simple chain. They were hand wrapped in our Louisiana studio and come in both adult and child sizes. We are also offering charms by themselves in both adult and child sizes. 

We share CAS’s conviction that buttons are so much more than fashion items. Buttons are the keepers of stories. A family button jar connects one generation to another, reminding us of the love, talent, and courage of those who came before us. 

We hope people will gift these special necklaces or charms to the women and children in their lives to wear as symbols of care and connection. 

Every day judges are faced with the untenable decision to remove a child from their home or leave them in a potentially abusive situation. CASA volunteers advocate for children as they navigate the judicial system. They attend meetings with family members and social workers and spend time with the child to help everyone develop a better picture of what is best for the child.

Children assigned a CASA volunteer statistically spend less time in the system and access more services than those without. They are also more likely to thrive in school settings and are less likely to re-enter foster care. 

"My CASA was nothing less than a blessing. She was not only a mentor to me but also my best friend. Stability and normalization is something I needed as a child, and she did everything to offer and maintain that, even into my adult years." —Chasity, with her volunteer, Sandi.

CASA volunteers are ordinary people who give their time and effort to make the world a better place for abused and neglected children. We applaud their dedication and caring hearts and hope you will join us in supporting their efforts. 

Learn more about Child Advocacy Services and how they thread hope in their community.