Ins & Outs of Family Editions

Grandmother's Buttons Family Editions - Buttonology Blog

Searching the globe for rare and collectible antique buttons and glass is our joy and passion. We cherish the time we spend every year searching for the pieces that make our jewelry designs storied, historically interesting, and uncommon.

The best part is we never know what we’re going to find! 

Sometimes we find pieces that are extra extraordinary, valuable, and rare in very limited quantities (less than 5) and we use these for our limited-edition releases. 

Other times we find more abundant stashes of 75 or more and these we use annual designs that are available on our website most of the year.

Grandmother's Buttons Family Editions - Buttonology Blog

However, occasionally we find special antique buttons and vintage glass in quantities of 12 to 30 pieces in a given style. Sometimes these special beauties remain for a long time in our studio while we figure out what to do with them.

We’ve decided to start releasing Family Editions to feature these rare beauties when we find them! 

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