Earrings-Mississippi Pearl Buttons & Fluer-De-Lys Stampings
Clemens Earrings

Clemens Earrings

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These pearl earrings demonstrate that sometimes beauty is found in simplicity. 

Their custom fleur-de-lys settings hold two hand-carved, midcentury pearl buttons made from Mississippi River mussel shells by the American Pearl Button Company of Washington, Iowa.

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Clemens was Mark Twain’s birth name, making it an apt moniker for these unique Mississippi River pearls. Twain introduced the world to America’s most famous river, which just happens to flow by our small Louisiana hometown.

In this piece:

  • Two hand-carved Lady Washington mother-of-pearl button, made from Mississippi River mussel shells, circa 1950-1960
  • Silver-plated pewter settings cast today in the USA
  • Silver-plated brass euro wire closures
  • Hangs 1 7/8”

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