Vintage Glass Cameo Bracelet

Cameo and Cloud Opal Bracelet

The pieces featured in this beautiful vintage glass cameo bracelet are special finds.

It was love at first sight when our founder, Susan Davis spied a box of mid-century cloud opal glass cabochons while teetering atop a ten-foot step ladder in a New England warehouse. They're among the most beautiful examples of the mid-century Czechoslovakian glassworkers' art that we've ever seen.

In this piece:

  • Two oval cloud opal lampworked and pressed glass cabochons from Czechoslovakia
  • Two small Cherry Brand jet and goldstone glass cabochons, made in post World War II allied occupied Japan
  • Vintage West German grey satin glass cameo button
  • Five US-made brass-plated pewter castings
  • Length 7" to 7 3/4"

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