Vintage Pearl Initial Charm

Pearl Initial Charm

These gorgeous charms were crafted from pearl buttons made from mussel shells harvested from the Mississippi River by the American Pearl Button Company of Washington in Iowa. A few decades after the button company closed its doors in 1964, the great-grandson of the original owner, decided to sell the remaining stock and we bought it all. Read the Mighty Mississippi Pearl button story on our Buttonology Blog.

After a lot of trial and error (and a wee bit of hair-pulling), we developed a heat transfer process that enabled us to put images on these precious buttons. The outcome is a unique design steeped in history.

We created charms so you can design your own jewelry. Grandmother's Buttons charms can also be worn on our delicate brass necklace chain that comes with a lobster claw that makes it easy to add and remove charms as you wish. All the letters are available.

In this piece:

  • Lady Washington mother of pearl button with a hand-transferred letter image

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