Antique Button Pearl Flower Brooch

Arch of Roses Brooch - Holiday

Contrasting vividly colored floral porcelains and luminous white mother-of-pearl buttons are some of our favorite button pairings. This brooch flaunts this combination perfectly.

Most antique porcelain buttons were hand-painted by well-bred Victorian women in their parlors as an artistic hobby. While our mothers may have done needlework or crocheted blankets, their mothers might have painted floral patterns on porcelain buttons. You can read more about this domestic art on our Buttonology Blog in Crazy For Porcelain

In this piece:

  • Hand-painted porcelain stud button with roses, circa 1890-1920
  • Antique, hand-carved mother-of-pearl button, circa 1900-1920
  • Pin-back with a bail that enables the brooch to be worn as a pendant

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