Antique Butterfly Button Necklace
Antique Butterfly Button Necklace
Antique Butterfly Button Necklace
Antique Butterfly Button Necklace

Azora - Limited Edition Bracelet

We feature bracelets created by Corda Walker in every limited edition release. Corda has worked as a Grandmother’s Buttons’ designer for twenty-five years and inevitably creates magic from a handful of colorful antique buttons and filigree stampings.

Ethereal blues in Victorian glass, French enamel, and dyed mother-of-pearl create the magic in this unforgettable butterfly bracelet.

We created this butterfly themed limited-edition line to celebrate hope. Butterflies start off as a larva, isolate themselves in a cocoon and then, when the time is right, emerge in a new and beautiful form. We hope this piece becomes a talisman of hope and resilience for you and your loved ones during these challenging times.

In this piece, from the chain end:

  • Tiny brass button with a star, circa 1880-90
  • Victorian sky blue glass button with gold luster, circa 1890
  • Antique brass butterfly perfume button, circa 1880
  • Tiny gilded brass French enamel button with hand-painted rose, circa 1880-90, set on a silver enamel art deco cufflink, circa 1930
  • Antique brass butterfly button in the style of the Aesthetic Movement, circa 1890
  • Victorian sky blue glass button with white and gold accents, circa 1890
  • An antique button of carved abalone with butterfly escutcheon, circa 1880-90
  • Antique mother-of-pearl button dyed navy and set with crystals, circa 1880-90
  • Seven brass filigree stampings, made in the USA in vintage dies
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Length is 6 1/4” extending to 8”

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