Crisanta Necklace - Painted By Fall

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This necklace design showcases a vintage half buckle embedded with a glorious vintage Czech art glass cabochon. The multi-hued glass was hand-pressed in antique molds and manufactured using centuries-old processes. 

It testifies to the enduring talents of Czech glass artisans who, after honing their skills for centuries, were the first to hand press glass into intricate molds in the early 19th-century. They began with solid colored glass and then, as their skills grew, started producing multi-colored stones mimicking gems. 

By the early 20th century, they'd mastered their craft and were exporting their exquisitely detailed creations worldwide.

Suspended from the buckle, you'll find an antique Victorian-era brass, pewter, and velvet perfume button. Victorian-era perfume buttons are the most romantic of antique buttons, making them precious commodities in our studio and perennial favorites with our customers. This is because Victorian-era women often applied their scent to a perfume button and then sewed it under their lover's lapel before he went to war.

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In this piece:

  • Antique silver-plated brass filigree half buckle, with Art Glass cabochon, made in Czechoslovakia, circa 1920
  • Small brass, pewter & velvet perfume button, circa 1880
  • Midcentury vintage Czechoslovakian brown glass stone
  • Stamped brass four-ring setting
  • A three-ring brass-plated pewter setting made today in the USA
  • Hand-wrapped Czech glass, pyrite & rhyolite beads
  • Handmade 4" tassel
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Length is 32"
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