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The rare matching pair of one-of-a-kind, antique brass buttons we chose for these cufflinks depict King Arthur seizing the sword of Excalibur. They are the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who are true kings among men.

King Arthur was a legendary British King who, according to medieval histories, defended Britain against Saxon invaders. In Arthurian legends, Arthur alone was able to draw Excalibur, the legendary sword, out of the stone in which it was magically fixed.

Excalibur was believed to hold ultimate power, which made its true master invincible. Those who use it, but were not its rightful owner were destined to be corrupted and ultimately destroyed, by an all-consuming lust for power. 

These buttons were manufactured for women at a time when the fairer sex was expected to exemplify purity and feminine restraint. So it’s rather strange that Victorian women wore masculine-themed fashion accessories such as these.

This is pure speculation, but women’s fashion in the Victorian era was highly restrictive. Women were laced up in layers and corsets from head to toe. Perhaps wearing masculine buttons was a small act of rebellion. We hope so!

In this piece:

  • Stamped brass hand & sword with a white metal collet, circa 1880-1890
  • Antiqued brass cuff link

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