Phaethon - Antique Button Cufflinks
Phaethon - Antique Button Cufflinks

Phaethon - Cufflinks

The antique buttons featured on these cufflinks feature Phaethon, the illegitimate son of Apollo, the Greek god of the sun. Phaethon convinced his father to prove his paternity by allowing him to drive Apollo’s sun chariot. Unable to control the horses, Phaethon flew the chariot too close to the earth forcing Zeus to intervene to save the earth from incineration.

Read about the women's Victorian antique buttons with masculine themes we used in these limited edition cufflinks in Tiny Rebellions on our Buttonology blog.

In this piece:

  • Antique brass and pewter buttons made circa 1880-90
  • Antiqued brass cuff links

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