Rose Duo Necklace
Rose Duo Necklace
Rose Duo Necklace

Rose Duo Necklace

Hand painting porcelain buttons, such as the one featured on this necklace, was a fashionable hobby among well-heeled women in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Women painted buttons in their parlors, often in sets of three or more. They were popular gifts and most often worn on linen or cotton shirtwaists. 

Victorians loved floral patterns so it’s not surprising that many of these porcelain buttons were decorated with impressionistic flowers. Floriography, which was popular at the time, ascribes meaning to flower varieties. In this case, two pale pink roses signify grace. We especially like the way the sweetness of the pink contrasts with the robust black and yellow background.

Read more about porcelain buttons and what makes them special on Crazy for Porcelain on our Buttonology Blog.

In this piece:

  • Hand-painted porcelain button, circa 1890-1920
  • American-made brass setting and three-ring connector, stamped in the U.S.A. in antique dies
  • Hand-wrapped glass pearl bead chain
  • Length is 18” with 4” extender

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