Tartary Brooch - All That Glitters

Tartary Brooch - All That Glitters

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We saved our most beautiful brass and cut steel buttons for this holiday limited edition release with hopes of adding some extra sparkle to your celebrations. This brooch features antique Victorian-era brass openwork and cut steel button set in a vintage mother of pearl button base.

Matthew Bolton from Birmingham, England, perfected the manufacture of cut steel buttons in the 1770s by riveting tiny pieces of faceted steel onto a frame. They quickly rose in popularity as economical imitations of the diamond and marcasite buttons fashionable in the royal court. 

In our studio, we fondly refer to cut steel buttons as “button bling” and love to imagine each one making an opulent Victorian gown sparkle on a ballroom dance floor. 

Read more on our Buttonology Blog: Cut Steel, The Bling Buttons.

In this piece:

  • Antique Victorian-era brass openwork & cut steel button, circa 1880-1890
  • The base is a large carved mother-of-pearl button, circa 1900
  • Pin back with a bail that enables it to be worn as a pendant
  • Size is 1 5/8” diameter

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