Antique Porcelain Button Bracelet
Antique Porcelain Button Bracelet

Wildflowers and Cherries Bracelet

We feature bracelets created by long-time Grandmother’s Buttons designer Corda Walker in every limited edition release. Corda has worked with us for twenty-five years and we think she creates magic with a handful of colorful antique buttons and filigree stampings.

Corda’s gift for combining disparate pieces into a harmonious whole comes into play in this bracelet, where a conventionally painted bouquet of wildflowers sits in harmony with a French rococo enamel, a primitively painted bird, and velvet cherries.

The porcelain button featured in this bracelet was likely hand-painted by a woman in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. We created this limited-edition jewelry line to preserve, honor, and offer some much-deserved recognition to the domestic arts. 

In this piece, left to right from chain end:

  • Tiny brass and glass waistcoat button with intaglio flower, circa 1860
  • Lovely small French champleve matte enamel button with rococo border circa 1880-90
  • Small molded ruby glass button with gold luster, circa 1900
  • Lovely antique porcelain button with decal of wildflowers, circa 1900
  • Very rare French emaux peints button with crane and cut steel border, circa 1880-90
  • Rare brass and velvet perfume button with cherries, circa 1880-90
  • Five brass settings and four brass filigree stampings made in the USA in vintage dies
  • Length is 7 1/4” extending to 8 1/4”