Annona Brooch  - Painted By Fall

Annona Brooch - Painted By Fall

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We often choose brooches to show off our most remarkable buttons, and this one is no exception. It features a coveted and rare large-sized antique brass and fabric Victorian-era perfume button.

Victorian-era perfume buttons, especially large ones like this one, are the most romantic antique buttons, making them precious commodities in our studio and perennial favorites with our customers. This is because Victorian-era women often applied their scent to a perfume button and then sewed it under their lover's lapel before he went to war.

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The perfume button sits in an impressive large hand-carved antique mother-of-pearl button with a white nacre that seems to glow from within. Nacre is the biological name for mother-of-pearl. It's formed from a blend of minerals a mollusk secretes to protect itself from its shell from foreign objects, such as sand. The nacre wraps itself around the intruding object in layers, creating a pearl and thus is called "the mother of the pearl." 

In this piece:

  • Rare large brass & fabric perfume button circa 1880
  • Carved mother-of-pearl button, circa 1900-1920
  • The diameter is 1 3/8”
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