Arita Chrysanthemums Earrings
Arita Chrysanthemums Earrings

Arita Chrysanthemums Earrings

Every button collector obsesses about a find they never seem to be in the right place at the right time to discover. For our founder, Susan Davis, that find is Japanese Arita porcelain buttons. So imagine how excited she was when she finally hit the jackpot this year and found eight matching Arita chrysanthemum buttons. She used them to create four pairs of these sweet earrings, one of which she is keeping for herself. 

Arita buttons were made by the Toshikane Company of Japan. The original owner was born in a town called Arita, which was renowned for producing fine porcelain for centuries. After World War II, the company started using its proprietary porcelain production process to create small items for export, like buttons, which they produced between 1947 and 1975.

The buttons in these earrings, like all Aritas, feature the Toshikane company back mark incised into the porcelain on the back of the button.

We love how they look when combined with the antique brass chrysanthemum buttons in these earrings. Unlike the Aritas, the chrysanthemum buttons are fairly common due to the fascination that late nineteenth-century Western designers had with Japanese aesthetics. 

In this piece:

  • Rectangular Japanese Arita porcelain chrysanthemum buttons, circa 1947-1975
  • Antique brass chrysanthemum buttons, circa 1890
  • Brass plated pewter setting and brass stamped bar with a ring, both made in the U.S.A.
  • Nickel-free and lead-free brass earring closures
  • Hang 2 1/2”

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