Athena Necklace - Skies Are Blue

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This delightful necklace showcases two antique men's cufflinks. On top, you'll discover square gold-filled mother-of-pearl and under it a round basse taille enamel in a splendid shade of sky blue. 

The design is anchored by a lovely antique, Victorian-era cut steel, and gilded brass button.

According to myth, one day Zeus, the Greek god of the sky, asked his bright blue-eyed daughter Athena to make a wish. Absorbed in her own vanity, Athena wished that the world could witness her beauty every day. Zeus indulged his spoiled daughter by making the sky the color of her eyes. 

We think this beautiful necklace is sure to bring out the sparkle in your pretty eyes.

In this piece:

  • Gold-filled square mother-of-pearl cufflink, circa 1900
  • Antique basse taille enamel cufflink, circa 1920
  • Tiny cut steel & gilded brass button, circa 1880-1890
  • Hand-wrapped amazonite beads
  • Handmade 5” long tassel
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Length is 32” with a 4” extender

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