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This necklace features a brass plated casting of a Victorian woman's hand. We named it Auxilium, which means lend a helping hand in Latin, making it a lovely gift for someone whose support you dearly appreciate.

Hands commonly symbolize emotion in art and design, whether shaking hands in friendship, holding hands in affection, or asking for a hand in marriage. Victoria-era buttons often portray disembodied hands as symbols of loyalty, strength, romance, and fidelity.

This hand clutches a ring holding a trio of charms, including a one-of-a-kind, Victorian-era antique button, a tiny locket, and a hand-wrapped freshwater pearl. 

Every antique button is a one and only, chosen just for you, and so will not be identical to the image.

This necklace also features a sliding clasp that enables you to adjust its length to suit any neckline. You can wear it as a choker, as a long pendant, or anywhere in between.

In this piece:

  • Antique brass button, circa 1880-1900
  • Brass locket with glass pearl
  • Hand-wrapped freshwater pearl
  • Brass-plated pewter hand casting made today in the USA
  • Brass-plated fleur-de-lis setting cast today in Louisiana
  • Textured brass ring made today in the USA
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Chain adjusts from a 15" choker to a 32" long pendant with a sliding clasp

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