Mon Chou Bracelet-Summer in Bloom Limited Edition

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We feature bracelets created by Corda Walker in every limited edition release. Corda has worked as a Grandmother's Buttons' designer for twenty-seven years and inevitably creates magic from a handful of colorful antique buttons, vintage glass, cufflinks, and filigree stampings.

This stunning bracelet is no exception and features a veritable starter collection of antique and vintage buttons. All of them are rare and collectible in their own right, but the sizable antique hand-painted porcelain in the center is the show stopper.

Most Victorian-era porcelain buttons were hand-painted by well-bred women in their parlors. Painting porcelain was a popular domestic art in the late 19th century, similar to needlework or knitting in the 20th century.

This enamel button features lovingly executed purple Larkspur flowers. Larkspur is used by flower arrangers to add dynamic contrast to a bouquet, and this arrangement has the same beautiful impact on this bracelet.

In Floriography or the Victorian language of flowers, purple larkspur symbolizes first love. Boldly expressing your feelings wasn't socially acceptable in Victorian-era England. Much like modern teenagers with emojis, Victorians expressed their feelings with flowers.

READ MORE> Floriography: The Romantic Victorian-Era Language of Flowers.

Flanking the porcelain button on both sides, you'll find four one-of-a-kind Victorian-era brass buttons, including one accessorized with pearl and enamel and another with a sparkly cut steel center.

Cut steel buttons were first manufactured in the 1720s and quickly rose in popularity as economical imitations of the diamond and marcasite buttons fashionable in the royal court. We lovingly refer to them as "button bling." 

You'll also discover a vintage twinkle button, an antique dyed pearl button with a brass escutcheon, and a vintage Italian enamel button. 

In this piece, from the chain end:

  • Antique brass button, circa 1890
  • Small square twinkle button, circa 1930
  • Victorian brass, pearl, and enamel button, circa 1880-1890
  • Dyed pearl button with brass escutcheon, circa 1890
  • Handpainted porcelain button with purple larkspur, circa 1890-1920
  • Vintage Italian enamel, circa 1960
  • Antique brass button with cut steel center, 1880-1900
  • Brass button with pristine purple tinting, circa 1880-1890
  • Seven brass filigree settings, stamped today in vintage dies in the USA
  • Length is approximately is 6” to  8”

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