Mahonia Bracelet - Summer in Bloom Limited Edition

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We feature bracelets created by Corda Walker in every limited edition release. Corda has worked as a Grandmother's Buttons' designer for twenty-seven years and inevitably creates magic from a handful of colorful antique buttons, vintage glass, cufflinks, and filigree stampings.

We named this piece Mahonia, a bee's favorite flower, in honor of the rare and unusual antique brass and pearl cufflink in the bracelet's center. 

This sweet bee buzzes in a flower garden composed of a small collection of rare antique buttons. The bee is flanked by a lovely porcelain button featuring a delightful hand-painted rose accessorized with gold luster and an enchanting dyed pearl button with brass flower escutcheon. 

Most Victorian-era porcelain buttons were hand-painted by well-bred women in their parlors. Painting porcelain was a popular domestic art in the late 19th century, similar to needlework or knitting in the 20th century. 

In this piece, from the chain end:

  • Tiny vintage crystal button, circa 1950
  • Vintage Czech glass fire opal oval, circa 1950
  • Champleve’ enamel button on dyed pearl button, circa 1890 
  • Victorian brass and celluloid button, circa 1890
  • Antique brass and pearl cufflink with bee, circa 1900
  • Small porcelain button hand-painted with roses and gold luster, circa 1890-1920
  • Dyed pearl button with brass flower escutcheon, circa 1900
  • Carved abalone pearl button circa 1900
  • Seven brass filigree settings, stamped today in vintage dies in the USA
  • Length is approximately 6” to  8”

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