Kerrii Bracelet - Summer in Bloom Limited Edition

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We feature bracelets created by Corda Walker in every limited edition release. Corda has worked as a Grandmother's Buttons' designer for twenty-seven years and inevitably creates magic from a handful of colorful antique buttons, vintage glass, cufflinks, and filigree stampings.

Centering this bracelet is a rare and collectible hand-painted French enamel button featuring sweet pink roses with delicate green leaves. 

Boldly expressing your feelings wasn't socially acceptable in Victorian-era England. Much like modern teenagers with emojis, Victorians expressed their feelings with flowers. In the Victorian language of flowers, pale pink roses symbolize happiness.

READ MORE> Floriography: The Romantic Victorian-Era Language of Flowers.

The artisan who created the tiny tableau on this pretty button used two different enameling processes - champleve' and emaux peints. 

Emaux peints means painting images with enamel. This process applies a solid color base via several firings, and then the design is painted on top with enamel paste. With champleve’, the metal surface of the button is grooved with a stamp, filled with colored enamel, and fired and polished. 

This bracelet's enamel button is flanked by a substantial and varied collection of rare Victorian-era antique buttons. We especially adore the tinted brass buttons, one depicting a tiny castle and another with small little hearts.

You'll also find a perfume button. The romance surrounding perfume buttons makes them a customer favorite. Victorian women used the velvet affixed to the back of these storied buttons to absorb and carry their favorite scent. The result was a hint of aroma that lingered in rooms, like a pleasant wake, wherever the woman went. 

In this piece, from the chain end:

  • Tiny Victorian brass button with original tinting, circa 1880-1890
  • Victorian tinted brass button with hearts, circa 1880-1890
  • Dyed pearl button with floral brass escutcheon, circa 1900
  • Victorian tinted brass button with castle, circa 1880-1890
  • French champleve’ and exaux peints enamel button, circa 1880-1890
  • Rare tinted brass, steel, and velvet perfume button, circa 1870-1890
  • Antique tinted brass cufflink, circa 1900
  • Victorian brass button with original tint, circa 1880-1890
  • Seven brass filigree settings, stamped today in vintage dies in the USA
  • Length is approximately 6” to  8”

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