Plentifall Bracelet - Summer in Bloom Limited Edition

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We feature bracelets created by Corda Walker in every limited edition release. Corda has worked as a Grandmother's Buttons' designer for twenty-seven years and inevitably creates magic from a handful of colorful antique buttons, vintage glass, cufflinks, and filigree stampings.

At the center of this bracelet, you'll discover an uncommonly beautiful antique porcelain button featuring a tiny bouquet of violets. We named this piece after a type of violet renowned for its light purple coloring mimicking that of fall frost.

In Floriography or the Victorian language of flowers, violets symbolize thoughtfulness and enduring love. Boldly expressing your feelings wasn't socially acceptable in Victorian-era England. Much like modern teenagers with emojis, Victorians expressed their feelings with flowers.

READ MORE> Floriography: The Romantic Victorian-Era Language of Flowers.

The porcelain button is flanked by a veritable starter collection of antique and vintage buttons, all extraordinary in their own right. There are three one-of-a-kind Victorian-era brass buttons, each uniquely lovely, an antique champleve' enamel, and a rare 1860s brass and glass waistcoat button. 

In this piece, from the chain end:

  • Victorian brass button, circa 1880-1900
  • Brass and faceted glass waistcoat button, circa 1860
  • Tiny champleve’ enamel flower circa 1890 on a dyed purple button
  • Victorian brass and cut steel button, circa 1880-90
  • Hand-painted porcelain button with violets and applied gold luster, circa 1890-1920
  • Vintage Italian enamel, circa 1960
  • Antique ocean pearl button with brass escutcheon, circa 1900
  • Champleve’ enamel button on carved and dyed pearl button, both circa 1900
  • Seven brass filigree settings, stamped today in vintage dies in the USA
  • Length is approximately 6” to  8”

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