Antique Porcelain Button Necklace
Antique Porcelain Button Necklace
Antique Porcelain Button Necklace

Bunch of Roses on Pearl Necklace

We love how the vivid colors of floral porcelains are reflected in the iridescence of the antique mother-of-pearl buttons, making this one of our favorite combinations.

In Floriography, or the Victorian language of flowers, pink roses represent happiness. 

The porcelain stud, featured in this necklace, was likely hand-painted by a woman in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. We created this limited-edition jewelry line to preserve, honor, and offer some much-deserved recognition to the domestic arts. 

In this piece:

  • Hand-painted porcelain stud circa 1890-1920 with peach-colored roses and border of burnished gold
  • Victorian mother-of-pearl button circa 1880-1900
  • Gold-plated cast pewter setting
  • Gold-plated brass chain
  • Length is 24”