Vintage Glass Drop Earrings

Cleo in Jet Earrings

When we search for old glass, we often discover many dusty bags of small hand-pressed or lampworked glass cabochons like the ones featured in these vintage jet black and gold glass drop earrings.

They're so pretty we just can't resist buying them even though we don’t always have enough uses for them. So we designed this pretty triple setting earrings to show off these luscious little gems.

In this piece (from top to bottom):

  • Vintage bronze glass nailheads made in mid-century Czechoslovakia
  • Rare, hand-molded French jet glass, found wrapped in a Paris newspaper from 1912
  • Jet and goldstone Cherry Brand glass, made in post World War II allied occupied Japan
  • Brass stamping made today in the USA in vintage dies
  • Nickel-free and lead-free brass euro wire closures
  • Hangs 2"

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    Did you know the biography of Japanese Cherry Brand glass cabochons is steeped in cataclysmic historic events? Read more The Epic Story of Cherry Brand Glass on our Buttonology Blog.