Vintage Glass Drop Earrings

Cloud Opal Earrings

The hand-pressed glass centerpiece in these vintage earrings was a special find. It was love at first sight when our founder, Susan Davis spied a box of mid-century cloud opal glass cabochons while teetering atop a ten-foot step ladder in a New England warehouse. They're among the most beautiful examples of the mid-century Czechoslovakian glassworkers' art that we've ever seen.

In this piece:
  • Two oval cloud opal lampworked and pressed glass cabochons from Czechoslovakia
  • Vintage matte grey doublets made in mid-century Czechoslovakia
  • Brass stampings made today in the USA in vintage dies
  • Nickel-free and lead-free brass euro wire closures
  • Hangs 2 1/4"

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