Bracelet - German Vintage Jet Glass Cufflink & Silver Stamping

Deco Diamond Filigree Bracelet

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This simply stunning bracelet flaunts an unusual Art Deco style silver stamping holding a mid-century German jet glass oval cufflink stone with shimmering silver luster diamond. 

Art Deco is most often expressed with bold geometric lines and rich colors. However, it was sometimes characterized by delicate filigree, especially in jewelry.

With this Art Deco stamping, the lines in the metal weave together to form an alluring pattern with a geometric motif. It was pressed today in dies created in the 1920s or 1930s when Art Deco was at the height of popularity.

In this piece:

  • Vintage jet glass oval cufflink stone with silver luster diamond, made in Germany circa 1950-1960
  • Two silver-plated brass filigree stampings
  • Silver-plated brass chain
  • Length is 6 ½” to 7 ¾”

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