Antique Button and Crystal Bracelet

Esmerelda Bracelet

The Esmeralda bracelet features multiple antique and vintage elements tied together in one of our favorite color palettes with pale greens, golds, and opalescent, aurora-tinted glass. 

The antique button is a one and only, chosen just for you, and so will not be identical to the image.

The pearl buttons in this bracelet were made from mussel shells harvested from the Mississippi River by the American Pearl Button Company of Washington in Iowa. A few decades after the button company closed its doors in 1964, the great-grandson of the original owner, decided to sell the remaining stock and we bought it all. 

In this piece (from left to right):

  • Handmade Czech glass cabochon in green luster
  • Vintage Swarovski crystal in Chrysolite Aurora Borealis, on a brass filigree stamping, made today in antique dies
  • Czech Golden Sahara Rivoli crystal
  • Antique brass button, circa 1880-1918, chosen from our vast collection
  • Glass button, hand-pressed in the Czech Republic using antique molds
  • Brass filigree stamping made in antique dies
  • Brass filigree stamping with tiny Czech green opal cabochon
  • Glass button, hand-pressed in the Czech Republic using antique molds
  • Lady Washington vintage mother-of-pearl button with brass filigree
  • Length is 7 1/4" to 7 3/4"

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