Grasshopper Platter

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This lovely piece features a restaurant ware platter embellished with a hand-applied 19th-century grasshopper illustration.

Restaurant ware is also called hotel china by collectors. It was manufactured for commercial use and so typically is a bit heavier. It came into vogue in the late 19th-century, when entrepreneurs like George Pullman sparked an interest among affluent Americans in train travel and fine dining on trains and in hotels. 

Businesses quickly came to fill the need for high-end durable dishes for these settings. Well-known restaurant ware potteries include Buffalo, Jackson, Shenango, Wallace, Syracuse, Tepco, and Homer Laughlin.

Our founder, Susan Davis, is a zealous collector of all things old, beautiful and interesting. While button hunting, she often finds other collectibles she cannot bear to leave behind which is how we came to own a substantial collection of antique and vintage china plates.

Your plate will be one of only 5 in the world created with this image. 

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In this piece:

  • Heavy green ring restaurant ware platter 
  • The platter size is 9 1/4” X  6 1/4”
  • The plate has no back mark but was certainly American made
  • Hand-applied 19th-century scientific illustration of a grasshopper
  • Transfer of 19th-century grasshopper illustration
  • Hand wash
  • Use for decorative purposes or very light wear

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