Hana Necklace

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This necklace showcases a rare and collectible hand-pressed Japanese jade glass flower stone made to imitate its Czech counterparts. Hana is the Japanese word for flower. 

Before WWII, Japanese glassmakers were mainly rice farmers whose glassmaking was a hobby. However, during the American occupation of Japan after the war, glass cabochon commissions from American jewelry makers created new economic opportunities, and the industry grew. 

American agents provided samples of popular Czech glass flower cabochons, and the Japanese artisans quickly learned to produce similar glass beads like one featured in this necklace. 

The flower stone hangs from an antique, one-of-a-kind, late Victorian-era stamped white metal button.

In this piece:

  • Molded green glass flower stone, made in Japan, circa 1945-1951
  • Antique stamped white metal button, circa 1900
  • Lampworked Czech glass beads
  • Tiny hand-dyed Mississippi River pearl button on chain end, circa 1950-1960
  • Large & small silver-plated pewter settings cast today in the USA
  • Sterling silver plated brass chain
  • Length is 20” with a 4” extender

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