Handmade Vintage Fabric Purse
Handmade Vintage Fabric Purse
Handmade Vintage Fabric Purse
Handmade Vintage Fabric Purse

Jacquard Brocade Bag

This limited edition vintage fabric bag was handmade in Louisiana by Carol Ridenour, who launched her textile company, called Pheobe Rose, after retiring from her career as a medical doctor.

This fall, Grandmother’s Buttons founder, Susan Davis, a perennial collector, visited Carol's studio and shared the fabric collection she's accumulated over decades of hunting for antique buttons.

The vintage green and blue jacquard brocade used in this bag came from Susan's mother Miriam. Carol complemented the brocade with a sturdy, nubby woven bottom and an exuberant vintage floral interior. 

Grandmother’s Buttons added a brooch made from two vintage resin buttons, a brass filigree stamping, and a rare Cherry Brand Japanese turquoise glass rose, circa 1945-1951.

There are only four of this bag in existence so yours will be special.

In this piece:

  • Removable brooch made with vintage Japanese glass rose
  • The brooch is 2” in diameter
  • Three different vintage fabrics
  • Hand-sewn in Louisiana
  • Zippered interior pouch
  • Genuine leather straps
  • Size is 12” W x 15” H

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