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Moonglow in Sapphire Bracelet - Back at Five & Dime

Moonglow in Sapphire Bracelet - Back at Five & Dime

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This bracelet shows off a light sapphire, mid-century, West German, hand-pressed moonglow glass button with a raised paisley design accented with gold luster. 

Moonglow glass is characterized by a soft opaque interior sealed with a clear exterior. The process for making it was developed by mid-century West German glass artisans who discovered how to create half clear and half opaque glass canes. 

These unique canes were fired until soft, then pressed into molds to create buttons that resemble sparkly gumdrops. German moonglow buttons remained at the height of trendiness until the late 1960s.

We found this stash of mid-century German glass buttons last year at a closing sale of an 86-year-old Five and Dime store in Rayne, Louisiana. It was one of our best-ever button-hunting finds, and the pieces we made with it quickly sold out.

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However, some of the most coveted buttons in this collection were in limited quantities of between 6 and 30 pieces. We saved these for this family edition release!

In this piece:

  • Light sapphire moonglow glass button with paisley design in gold, ½" diameter, made in West Germany, circa 1950-1960
  • Two brass stampings made today in the USA in vintage dies
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Length is 7" to 8"

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