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This feminine necklace showcases a vintage glass cameo button that was hand-pressed in antique molds by one of the few remaining Czech button artisans still practicing their centuries-old craft.

The cameo hangs from a small one-of-a-kind antique brass button, which, like all antique originals, will vary slightly from the one seen here.  

Both the burnished gold of the brass and the opalescence of the glass are enhanced by two lovely mother-of-pearl beads.

The biological name for mother-of-pearl is nacre. Nacre is formed from a blend of minerals a mollusk secretes to protect itself from foreign objects, such as sand, in its shell. The nacre wraps itself around the intruding object in layers creating a pearl and thus is called “the mother of the pearl”. 

In this piece:

  • Small antique brass button, circa 1880-90
  • Czech opal glass cameo button hand-pressed in antique molds using centuries-old methods, circa 1950
  • Brass filigree setting stamped today in the USA in antique dies
  • Small brass-plated pewter setting cast in Louisiana
  • Two mother-of-pearl beads with brass bead caps
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Length is 19” with a 4” extender

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