Bracelet - Handmade, Vintage Mississippi River Pearl Buttons, Hand-Dyed Green
La Mere de la Perle in Fern Bracelet

La Mere de la Perle in Fern Bracelet

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Our original La Mere de la Perle bracelet was a perennial customer favorite, so we decided to re-create it using hand-dyed pearls in a verdant shade of green.

The vintage pearl button was hand-carved from Mississippi River mussel shells by the American Pearl Button Company of Washington which operated between 1908 and 1964. We lovingly hand-dyed it on the stovetop in our Louisiana design studio.

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In this piece:

  • Vintage, hand-dyed mother-of-pearl buttons, manufactured between 1908 & 1964
  • Six hand-pressed Czech glass beads
  • A brass lace-edged setting, stamped in the USA in vintage dies
  • Three styles of antiqued brass chain
  • Length is 7" to 8 1/4”

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