Pomona in the Orchard Necklace - Art Nouveau

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This handsome pendant necklace has two distinct personalities. 

On one side you’ll find a rare, cast button designed by the renowned French sculptor and engraver Charles Pillet. It depicts Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance, holding an apple and with a cluster of grapes in her hair. 

The other side depicts a lustrous ocean pearl button set with a stylized quatrefoil design featuring palm fronds accented with cut steels.

In this piece:

  • Cast button of Roman goddess Pomona, by C.H. Pillet, circa 1900
  • Large dark ocean pearl button, circa 1920 -1940
  • Brass & cut steel button, circa 1890
  • Two-sided cast pewter setting plated in brass, made in the USA
  • Antiqued brass ponytail chain
  • Length is 32”

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