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We created six of these enchanting bracelets. Each one showcases a small collection of unique, rare, and intricately designed hand-pressed, Victorian-era jet glass buttons.

Our button collection numbers in the tens of thousands, creating resplendent chaos in every corner of our studio. It's the source of our creativity. Sometimes, when we lack inspiration, we simply dig around until we unearth a lovely surprise.

The buttons we used in these one-of-a-kind bracelets played hide and seek in our studio for decades. Each one is equally beautiful and features an ornate design with either a matte or shiny surface.

Jet glass buttons gained popularity mainly because of rigid Victorian-era mourning rituals. For the first year after a woman lost a husband, she was expected to only wear dull black fabrics and matte black buttons. In her second year of mourning, she could spice it up and add some shiny black buttons to her wardrobe.  

After Queen Victoria was widowed in 1861, she remained in mourning for the rest of her life, sparking a black glass button trend that lasted for decades. The Queen made black glass buttons a quintessential symbol of Victorian-era fashion. They were available in countless designs and patterns. Most were hand-pressed in intricately hand-carved iron molds in what is now the Czech Republic. 

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In this piece:

  • Seven Victorian-era jet glass mourning buttons, 1/2" in diameter, circa 1880-1900
  • Brass-plated pewter settings cast today in the USA
  • Length is 6 3/4" to 7 3/4"

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