Sultana Earrings
Earrings - Vintage Pearl Buttons & Filigree Stampings

Sultana Earrings

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These pearl earrings demonstrate that sometimes beauty is found in simplicity. 

They showcase two hand-carved, square, mid-century pearl buttons made from Mississippi River mussel shells by the American Pearl Button Company of Washington, of Iowa.

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In the early 19th century, exploding boilers were common on Mississippi Riverboats. In 1965, a damaged boiler on the Sultana exploded just north of Memphis, killing more than a thousand recently released Union Army POWs. We named these earrings in honor of those lost in US maritime history's most significant tragedy.

In this piece:

  • Two hand-carved Lady Washington mother-of-pearl buttons, made from Mississippi River mussel shells, circa 1950-1960
  • Silver-plated brass filigree stampings made today in the USA in vintage dies
  • Lead-free, silver-plated brass euro wire closures
  • Hangs 2”

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