Summer Bouquet Necklace - Summer in Bloom Limited Edition

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This summery necklace is centered by a rare and collectible antique porcelain button depicting a sweet variety of hand-painted blooms. A closer look reveals purple asters, yellow roses, and orange poppies.

Most Victorian-era porcelain buttons were hand-painted by well-bred women in their parlors. Painting porcelain was a popular domestic art in the late 19th century, similar to needlework or knitting in the 20th century.  

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The porcelain button is suspended from a small antique velvet perfume button. Perfumes are the most romantic buttons in our collection. Victorian women sometimes dabbed perfume buttons with their scent and then sewed them under their lover’s lapel to remind him of their passion before going off to war.

In this piece:

  • Hand-painted antique porcelain button circa 1890-1920
  • Small antique brass and velvet perfume button circa 1870-1890
  • A stamped brass setting made today in the USA in vintage dies
  • Antiqued-brass pewter setting cast today in the USA
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Length is 18” with a 4” extender

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