Titian Bracelet - Art Nouveau
Titian Bracelet - Art Nouveau
Titian Bracelet - Art Nouveau
Titian Bracelet - Art Nouveau

Titian Bracelet - Art Nouveau

The russet and titian tones of the buttons featured in this bracelet explode in a symphony of autumnal color. It features contrasting vintage Art Nouveau buttons and vintage glass buttons which surprisingly come together in a lovely harmonious whole.

Long-time Grandmother’s Buttons designer, Corda Walker, creates special bracelets for every limited edition release. She chooses the rarest, most valuable, and prettiest buttons in our collection, squirreling them away until she finds their ideal home. We think she creates pure magic with unexpected button combinations.

In this piece, from the chain end:

  • Vintage vegetable ivory bead in red
  • Reverse-painted glass button with three flowers in unusual earth tones, made in Czechoslovakia, circa 1930
  • Art Nouveau openwork brass button, circa 1890-1910,  on vintage pale pink pearl button
  • Vintage carnelian glass oval flower stone, made in Japan circa 1946
  • Stunning Art Nouveau French champleve’ enamel button, circa 1890-1910
  • Rare cufflink made by the Leo Popper company with lamp-worked glass, circa the early 1900s
  • Art Nouveau openwork brass button featuring an iris, circa 1890-1910, on vintage pale pink pearl button 
  • Vintage goldstone glass cabochon made in Japan
  • Six brass filigree stampings made in the USA in vintage dies
  • Brass-plated pewter casting made in Louisiana
  • Length is 6.5” to 8”

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