Earrings - Vintage Cobalt Stone in Brass Strips, German Glass
Earrings - Vintage Cobalt Stone in Brass Strips, German Glass
Earrings - Vintage Cobalt Stone in Brass Strips, German Glass

Treillage Earrings

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There are two unique and lovely vintage stones featured in these striking earrings. On top, you'll find a vintage cobalt blue stone nestled in an attractive brass trellis. This stunningly colored stone was initially manufactured for mid-century modern costume jewelry. 

Below the cobalt stone, you'll find a lampworked opal mid-century German glass cabochon. German glassmakers were influenced by their famous Czech neighbors. Czechoslovakia annexed Northern Bavaria after WWII, and so the resident German glassmakers fled and set up workshops in their new West German communities. They built a thriving glass button industry, and by 1950 West Germany was considered the glass button capital of the world. 

These artisans created the opal glass in these earrings by mixing multiple glass colors with tiny pieces of goldstone and then hand pressing them into molds. 

We named these earrings treillage, the French word for latticework or trellis. Ornate trellises were popularized by French country gardeners during the decadent reign of King Louis XIV. Sumptuous latticework supported garden vines and added elegance to aristocratic country gardens.

The popularity of latticework exploded when King Louis XIV commissioned an architect to build a palatial trellis for his garden. As they grew in popularity, people started to refer to lattices used in outdoor gardens and parks and decorative architectural elements on buildings as treillage. 

In this piece:

  • Vintage cobalt blue stones nested in brass strips, circa 1960 or 1970
  • Lampworked & hand-pressed opal cabochons, made in West Germany, circa 1950-1970
  • Antiqued-brass pewter settings cast today in the USA
  • Nickel-free & lead-free brass euro wire closures
  • Hangs 2”

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