Bracelet - Mid-Century Czech & Japanese Glass & Antique Button

True Blue Bracelet

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This charming bracelet features a substantial collection of rare and collectible buttons.

It's a testament to the enduring skill of Czech glass artisans, some of whom still work today using antique molds and centuries-old processes.

It also includes two Cherry Brand cabochons we were overjoyed to discover wrapped in their original tissue paper, sealed with an orange sakura blossom label. 

The distinctive label revealed their identity as Cherry Brand glass which was manufactured in Osaka, Japan during the American occupation after WWII.

READ MORE > The Epic Story of Cherry Brand Glass, Buttonology Blog.

The collection is rounded out by an authentic, one-of-a-kind, antique, Victorian-era button.

Every antique button is a one and only, chosen just for you, and so will not be identical to the image.

In this piece (from left to right):

  • Sapphire glass & goldstone lampworked Cherry Brand cabochon, made in Japan between 1945 & 9151
  • Antique brass button, circa 1880-1918
  • Vintage West German blue cabochon, circa 1950
  • Jet modern hand-pressed Czech glass button 
  • Blue moonglow cabochon, made in West Germany, circa 1950
  • Blue Authentic Rivoli crystal 
  • Czech Confetti Opal cabochon, circa 1950 
  • Czech jet glass button with gold luster, circa 1950
  • Sapphire glass & goldstone lampworked Cherry Brand cabochon, made in Japan between 1945 & 9151
  • Length is approximately 7.5"

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