The Undine Necklace - Art Nouveau

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The undulating white and blue lines on the rare champleve’ enamel button centering this necklace reminds us of an Undine, a 16th-century water nymph named after the Latin word unda, meaning wave.

These nymphs were known to marry mortal men, though doing so caused the loss of their immortality.

In this piece:

  • Medium (7/8”) brass champleve’ enamel button, circa 1890 -1910
  • Tiny brass Art Nouveau button, circa 1890 -1910
  • Brass-plated pewter setting cast in Louisiana
  • Brass tulip bead cap stamped in the USA in vintage dies
  • Hand-wrapped blue chalcedony bead chain
  • Brass bead chain
  • Handmade 5” tassel 
  • Length is 30”

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