Victorian Garden Necklace - Summer in Bloom Limited Edition

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 This necklace blooms with three unique and collectible antique buttons. 

The top button is a small tinted brass and velvet perfume. Victorian women used the velvet affixed to the back of these storied buttons to absorb and carry their scent. The result was a hint of aroma that lingered in rooms, like a pleasant wake, wherever the woman went.

A rare antique oval cufflink hangs from the perfume button with a lovely marbled ruby glass stone.

The bottom button is a rare and collectible antique porcelain. Most Victorian-era porcelain buttons were hand-painted by well-bred women in their parlors. The yellow and light pink roses on the porcelain button signify joy and grace in the Victorian language of flowers. 

Boldly expressing your feelings, especially amorous ones, wasn't socially acceptable in Victorian England, so love-struck Victorians sent their crushes encoded love notes using flowers instead of emojis. 

READ MORE> Floriography: The Romantic Victorian-Era Language of Flowers.

In this piece:

  • Small tinted brass and velvet perfume button, circa 1870-1890
  • Antique oval cufflink with marbled ruby glass stone, circa 1900
  • Hand-painted antique porcelain button with roses and gilding, circa 1890-1920
  • Antique cufflink with etching and banded ivory glass stone, circa 1900
  • Rare brass and velvet perfume button with cameo escutcheon, circa 1870
  • Rare, tiny pink-tinted brass and celluloid button at the end of extender chain.
  • Five brass settings stamped today in the USA in vintage dies
  • Czech glass beads
  • Gold-plated brass chain
  • Length is 20” with a 4” extender

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