Violaceous Brooch - Summer in Bloom Limited Edition

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This brooch showcases an uncommonly beautiful antique porcelain button featuring a tiny bouquet of violets with a bright yellow background.

In Floriography or the Victorian language of flowers, violets symbolize thoughtfulness and enduring love. Boldly expressing your feelings wasn't socially acceptable in Victorian-era England. Much like modern teenagers with emojis, Victorians expressed their feelings with flowers.

READ MORE> Floriography: The Romantic Victorian-Era Language of Flowers.

Most Victorian-era porcelain buttons were hand-painted by well-bred women in their parlors. Painting porcelain was a popular domestic art in the late 19th century, similar to needlework or knitting in the 20th century. 

In this piece:

  • Handpainted porcelain button with violets and gold luster, circa 1890-1920
  • Rare, extra-large carved ocean pearl button with purple luster, circa 1890
  • 2” in diameter

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