Free Butterfly Card

We designed this for you as a special gift during these trying time. Butterflies start off as a larva, isolate themselves in a cocoon and then, when the time is right, emerge in a new and beautiful form. We think there are few symbols of hope that are more perfect for this time. 

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Some of Our Favorites

Trinity Necklace

We're in love with this setting because it made it possible to show off three different vintage glass ovals in one pendant necklace. 

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Antoinette Necklace

We created this design after we found a small number of the antique shoe buckles that we loved so much we decided to reproduce them in a modern cast.

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Jessamine Bracelet

The centerpiece is an especially delightful cabochon in a striking color called silver agate rose. It's one of the most beautiful hand-pressed cabochons we've ever found.


About Us

Grandmother’s Buttons is a company steeped, like a strong cup of tea, in history and story. It all started in a small, historic town in Louisiana where an industrious woman with uncommon passions built a thriving business with the help of her family and community. 

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